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Apply Mercantile Loan


Mercantile Bank in South Africa is known for its innovative approach and commitment to providing financial solutions that genuinely benefit its customers. With the Instant Overdraft, you get convenience, speed, and reliability, all in an exciting package.

So, if you’re in South Africa and want a financial solution that puts you in charge of your finances, Mercantile Bank’s Instant Overdraft is an option that truly deserves attention. It’s an exciting way to have financial peace of mind and the flexibility you need to meet all your needs.


The required documents for applying for an Instant Overdraft at Mercantile Bank in South Africa may vary based on the bank’s policy and your specific financial situation. However, in general, the following documents and information are often required when applying for an Instant Overdraft:

Please keep in mind that specific requirements may vary depending on the bank’s policy and your financial profile. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact Mercantile Bank directly or check their official website for the most up-to-date and detailed information on the required documents and eligibility criteria needed to apply for an Instant Overdraft. They can accurately guide you on what is required for your application.

Rates, fees and commissions

How to apply

To apply for an Instant Overdraft at Mercantile Bank in South Africa, follow this general step-by-step guide. Keep in mind that specific details of the process may vary based on the bank’s policies, so it’s always advisable to check the most up-to-date information on the bank’s website or contact them directly for precise guidance:

Remember that the Instant Overdraft is a line of credit, and you should use it responsibly. Be aware of the associated fees and costs and make sure to comply with the terms of the contract. If you have any questions at any stage of the process, do not hesitate to contact the bank for clarification.